Mihai Pruna

Mihai Pruna

Mihai Pruna
CAE Software Developer and Consultant
Greater Boston Area
Programming Languages

Over a decade of experience

C / C++

Five years of experience

Visual Basic & VBA

Ten years of experience


Four years of experience


Two years of experience


Over six years of experience


Over three years of experience


Over four years of experience

Catia (V5 & V6)

Over four years of experience


Over four years of experience

Unigraphics NX

One year of experience

Frameworks & SDKs

Three years of experience


Two years of experience


Three years of experience


Three years of experience

Autodesk Forge

One year of experience

Mihai Pruna is an experienced independent Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) software developer. Mihai Pruna is developing new Engineering software to push the cutting edge in the fields of simulation, computational parametric design, and automatic optimization. As a consultant, Mihai Pruna can help you get the most out of your CAE software!

Work Experience
Software Developer
Programmatic Modeling Consultants LLC2014-present

Developing software for clients in Computer Aided Engineering fields:

  • Developed manufacturing, CAD design and FEA analysis software.
  • Developed CAD/BIM interoperability software.
  • Developed training materials for software development and introductory CAD.
  • Developed project management software.
  • Developed CFD visualization apps.
  • Developed manufacturing software for the aerospace and medical industries.

Adjunct Professor
Southern New Hampshire University2014-2015

Taught graduate courses in Computer Simulation and Modeling

Software Engineer
CADNexus, Inc2012-2013
  • Developed parametric and iterative CAD automation software based on the CAPRI middleware.
  • Developed software that simplifies OpenFOAM® CFD case generation, launching and post processing.
  • Developed cloud based distributed simulation solutions using CAPRI for unified CAD access, Amazon Cloud for hosting, PHP and MySQL for scalability management and usage tracking.
  • Created pre-sales marketing materials such as web pages, presentations and videos.
  •  Wrote and reviewed papers on the Engineering design-simulation-optimization cycle.

Integration Engineer / Applications Developer
Thornton Tomasetti Inc2007-2009 / 2010-2012
  • Developed add-on applications for CAD software packages such as AutoCAD and Revit in C# and Visual Basic under Microsoft .NET.
  • Automated Engineering spreadsheets, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Word Documents through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macros.
  • Automated the generation of structural and CAD models in CATIA using VBA and computational geometry techniques.
  • Integrated between various CAD, fabrication and structural modeling software packages by developing custom translator programs.
  • Programmatically data-mined static and dynamic structural analysis results from text and binary files.
  • Developed .NET applications to transfer data between databases using Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Evaluated CFD software packages for potential use in the AEC industry.

Structural Engineer
Dassault Falconjet Inc.2005-2007
  • Assisted with structural repairs and maintenance of business jets
  • Collected damage data by inspecting aircraft or coordinating with maintenance facilities
  • Coordinated with structural engineers and technicians to issue repair documents and perform the work
Aero / Performance engineer coop
Piper Aircraft, Inc2004
  • Wrote software to predict aircraft performance
  • Participated in test flights as a flight test engineer
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University2003-2004
  • Taught Experimental Aerodynamics
  • Operated the university’s wind tunnels
Graduate Certificate in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Iowa State University2013-2015
  • Reviewed and presented papers in Multi-Phase Flow.
  • Wrote numerical methods codes.
  • Developed boiling simulation software based on Microsoft Excel and OpenFOAM to investigate rocket propulsion through solar heating.

Master of Aerospace Engineering
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University2003-2004

Areas of Concentration: Aerodynamics and Propulsion:

  • Preliminary and detailed design of jet engines

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, Summa Cum Laude
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University1999-2003
  • Tested airfoils and aircraft models in wind tunnels in the Experimental Aerodynamics Lab course.
  • Tested various specimens for yield, failure, cracks and hardness in the Materials and Structures & Instrumentation labs.
  • Participated in the preliminary design of a light aircraft and lead a team designing the fuselage of a business jet, using Catia for design and FEA.

High School Diploma
Colegiul National Cantemir Voda1995-1999

Computer Science focused program with four hours of programming theory and four hours of computer lab work every week.

Patents and Publications
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