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Mihai Pruna is a software developer who has worked in the Aerospace and Architectural Engineering Construction (AEC) industries.

Mihai is available as a consultant or contractor, either to develop new Engineering and Simulation software or to streamline workflows and reduce man-hours through custom interoperability and automation of existing CAD and CAE software packages.

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Brief Bio:

Mihai Pruna has a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he graduated Valedictorian in his department. He then received a Masters in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle, focused on Aerodynamics and Propulsion.

Previously, Mihai Pruna had graduated with a degree in Computer Science from "Colegiul National Cantemir Voda" in Bucharest Romania. The Computer Science program featured four hours of programming theory and four hours of IT lab work every week.

Mihai Pruna combines expertise in both Mechanical /Structural Engineering and Software Development  Mihai Pruna has over six years of experience developing software for the Aerospace and AEC Industries. He is an expert in CAD,CFD and FEA software automation and interoperability through plug-ins and scripts. Mihai Pruna also developed games for the iPhone and web-based applets. He taught Computer Science and Robotics to high school students and Experimental Aerodynamics at college level. Mihai Pruna is interested in pushing the cutting edge in the fields of simulation, computational parametric design and automatic optimization.

Mihai Pruna's Specialties:

Scientific/Engineering coding: CFD, FEA, CAD Automation & Integration
CAD user:Catia, SolidWorks, FreeCAD, Rhino
APIs:AutoCAD, CATIA, REVIT, Tekla, SAP and many more
Programming languages: VBA, ScilLab, SQL,C,C++,C#, .NET, Visual Basic, Javascript, Processing, Objective C for iPhone
Microcontroller & Robot Programming (Basic Stamp ,PBasic, RobotC, Arduino)
Other skills: Stress Analysis, Flight & Wind Tunnel testing, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Maintenance


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